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My name: Chris Bailey
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About me: So what can I tell you about myself...? I have taken photos for years and have not been able to share.This Site has enabled me to share my images with people that appreciate Photography.There are many talented photographers on this site. The Links on my page,speak for themselves. All talented people here. Thank God for the Net and Digital Cameras.It so convenient. Enjoy......
From: United States
Ronald De Buck
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Dragan Popovic
Latest entry:Welcome!
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Sabine De Breizh
Latest entry:Moi et Sparadrap
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Nicolas Jouault
Latest entry:Nourrices - Viviers on the coast of Jersey
Articles on this subject: "Nourrices at Rozel Harbour, and elsewhere in Jersey" Mary Gibb and Ralph Nichols, Bulletin of the Societe Jersiaise 2007 pages 327 - 331 Normandy: "Les Vivivers a crustaces a la pointe de la Hague" enquete d'Eric Marie et de Gerard Vilgrain. Some previous pictures of Petit Port View this Fotopage entry
L'Etacq 5
John Bell
Latest entry:Dunbar XII
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kris inizu
Latest entry:Heifafest 2011
t-shirts diplayed! View this Fotopage entry
Vera Martino
Latest entry:Una rosa per mamma
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ad vanmaldegem
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liz Moody
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Sean Dustman
Latest entry:Key West with the Bride July 2010
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Latest entry:Vrijgezellenfeest
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Christa Amsterdam
Latest entry:Sjakie
This is my best friend in life...... Sjakie the ginger cat! :horay: View this Fotopage entry
Sae Dutra
Latest entry:Ipê e João
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"Herboristeria" (2008). Vitoria-Gasteiz, Espanha.
Steve Renko
Latest entry:"Sudden Drop Off."
So what was in the air cells today? Today the aircells didn't wait for a public bus to pick them up. Actually, they walked with the briefcase. It was a Thursday, afterall. Retirement is in on the scene. The vehicles moved automatically east and west on the extinct Indian trail. The authorities have named it, officially, state highway 283. State highway 283?! The extinct Indian trail has some ring to it. This trail is conveniently located on the southern shores of Lake Erie. Lake Erie is a shallo... View this Fotopage entry
"Niagara Falls."
josef tichy
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Lewesrat Pictures
Latest entry:~Memories~
Memories may crack and blur, Dust may fade their edges, But still, memories sustain us. View this Fotopage entry
Bertrand Eberhard
Latest entry:art fev 2010
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Winston Edghill
Latest entry:More "First Shots of 2010" - Nuff, Nuff Reflections
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Henri Grienenberger
Latest entry:Marché de Noel à Rixheim
dans le magnifique cadre du Parc de la Commanderie View this Fotopage entry
encore des inuits
Julia M A
Latest entry:• Don't stop moving •
She called many times and I answered her finally. Made it to the peak of Mt Kinabalu in Oct 2009. • • • View this Fotopage entry
A participant for the Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon 2009.
Latest entry:Thanksgiving & Raya Haji Celebration
Thanksgiving at Jum's house :) Raya at our house :) View this Fotopage entry
ni lah rumah I...
Jennifer Chapin
Latest entry:Me - Goth
I decided to go Goth for a weekend this past summer, it was a lot of fun...its more my sort of style but due to the fact that most of the cool clothing is expensive and the style of dress is not appropriate for most places I have worked...well, its become more of a part time hobby for me. This wasn't full on Goth but close and I was happy for a few days lol View this Fotopage entry
xxx judith hough
Latest entry:what I see along the way!
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Elena Fischer
Latest entry:The train from Nyon
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The train from Nyon
kak long
Latest entry:Pa & Ma April 2009
Dapatkanlah di pasaran sekarang! Cerita lanjut di View this Fotopage entry
penny spoonemore
Latest entry:just a couple of shots
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mark jones
Latest entry:South Island Trip Day 7 - Lake Matheson (Reflection Island)
Ok, just down the road from Fox Glacier is a lake called Lake Matheson which is famous for reflecting the mountains that surround it. Its about a 10Km hike around the lake, but coming up to sunset its nice way to relax after spending the morning and afternoon hiking on the glacier. Just a shame it was a bit cloudy :-> View this Fotopage entry
JP Harr
Latest entry:Generator Shaft
Inside the power generation house, this is the spinning shaft of one of the generators. It is, in a word, immense. Down below, there are a series of venetian blind-like vanes that allow water in to spin the turbine. Above the shaft are the rotor and stator, charged by DC current, picking up electrons and sending the power out of the building. The current is sent through step-up transformers, routed through a switch yard, and pushed along wires to the nation's power grid. Just one of these spinning generator... View this Fotopage entry
Don Sieger
Latest entry:New life of sorts to an old dead tree!
I found these mushrooms growing out the side of an old dead Birch tree. View this Fotopage entry
The tree in question
Renate Eder
Latest entry:Butterfly-Garden Grevenmacher Luxembourg
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putry ika
Latest entry:my bday
hmm,2 n 8... significant? depends,subject 2 own opinions.. 1st tyme without ayah... but we're getting by,dgn lindungan Allah SWT,inshaAllah.. :) nwayz,best sgt dpt mkn kek choc indulgence nie,nyum2x! kt ofis xleh wat pape,lunch pun xturun,bogged down ngn keje... so here's 2 me,one more yr 2 th age number! :-D life's slower these days but definitely enjoying it... 8-) View this Fotopage entry
traffic light!
my space
Latest entry:New York, Wall Street
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Bernie Lee
Latest entry:Looking for a Letterer? View this Fotopage entry
Rio Lerma
Latest entry:Thought
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Marty Baird
Latest entry:Day on the road
1 rough water 2 sunset 3interesting clouds 4 sunrise 5 out for a walk 6 clouds View this Fotopage entry
intersting clouds
frank vranckx
Latest entry:tunnels ♠○↨E
-ı~~ı_☺_ı~ı_☻_ı~ı__♥__/) . . .Öx+) from collapsia) (with music from my band: joyous cosmology) * :alien_abduct: View this Fotopage entry
jersey uk
Latest entry:Jersey in the Channel Islands
Beaches in Jersey, Channel Islands View this Fotopage entry
Random Picture
US! View this Fotopage entry
The boys
Carolina in Sweden
Latest entry:Wedding in Venice
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Steve Troy
Latest entry:Storms and Sunsets
A little contrast now..........some skies from South Dakota...... View this Fotopage entry
Tonny Verwoert
Latest entry:BMX demo - Amsterdam
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Latest entry:Vietnam
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WHK Pictures
Latest entry:Find it Friday
Somewhere in the northwoods is a (non-waterfall) foto opportunity, That both kids and adults can enjoy. 8-) WHK View this Fotopage entry
Elaine Louvier
Latest entry:Photo Challenge # 149...... Anger
Dolly is the gentlest dog. but when she plays she looks ferocious View this Fotopage entry
Go ahead, make my day!
Jas Tan
Latest entry:Mal and Sis' wedding pics at Brighton
We headed for Brighton beach after St Kilda beach... Love these ones! :D View this Fotopage entry
Kris Sky
Latest entry:Happy Lunar New Year
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Austin Graham
Latest entry:The Last Stand - Leinster Vs Munster, Landowne Road, Dublin
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Suzanne Yan
Latest entry:Home made Miniature Creatures
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WebgrrLs Photos
Latest entry:im back..
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opening agapanthus
Nell Who Me
Latest entry:40th Birthday Party
Last weekend Colin, Casper and I went to my cousin Ali's 40th birthday party in Cheltenham. It was held in Ali's brother Philip's photographic studio and the theme was "80s". Needless to say we all had a great time ... and just for the record, I think Ali looks bloody amazing for 40!! View this Fotopage entry
My boyfriend Colin and me
Latest entry:i love to gaze at sunsets
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granny sue
Latest entry:France - Hossegor the morning after the tempest!
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Riana Ahmad
Latest entry:Time for a BREAK...
LOST that loving feeling??? I've been at this writing thing since may 2004 ( almost for 3 and half years...I'm going to take a break from this blog for a couple of months. Maybe come back in next year?? After today, I'm not sure I even want to continue weblogging...??haahaaa :oh_god: I like blogs that are written with a personal style. Words on a screen have meaning and emotion. Even better when the person writing can freely express their feelings and not have to hide behin... View this Fotopage entry
Rob Pritchard
Sandra, relaxing at La Glycine. Super little hotel in Normandy. View this Fotopage entry
tru wielaker
Latest entry:Vacantion in Fuerteventura
I see here fantastic sunsets.. View this Fotopage entry
Sunset in Fuerteventura
Dale in Canada
Latest entry:fog View this Fotopage entry
Justin Lincoln
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Maryam Rafia
Latest entry:The Fire Within
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karine oertli
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Dark Room
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Carolina from Singapore
Latest entry:The New Paper Big Walk
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Christopher Wong
Latest entry:Happy 3rd shed!
My darling Kwayteow had its (haha still don't know its sex!) third shed (since coming home with me last year) yesterday! What a happy little python after going through the ordeal of crawling out of its skin! View this Fotopage entry
aafke postma
Latest entry:Eclips in Side
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Scott Wills
Latest entry:Winter Love
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Winter Love
darling baby
Latest entry:Great Wall of China
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Gunnella Thorgeirs
Latest entry:A January noon in Leith (Scotland)
One reason not to miss Iceland ;-) The sun, although short lived each day, still shines so bright :-D View this Fotopage entry
Grazi Lee
Latest entry:Happy New Year 2006
Happy New Year to U all & Wish U all the best !~ I'm not trying to upload more photos here, but you can find my updated one in Flickr). View this Fotopage entry
Dariush From France
Latest entry:Blue sky of Lyon, June 2005
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me ilaiza
Latest entry:Cape Canaveral
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riskapic ormore
Latest entry:j.f.k.canard revisited originals) ___________________________ View this Fotopage entry
Conny Biesinger
Latest entry:Burning Sky
Shot yesterday evening. Enjoy... View this Fotopage entry
japcine japcine
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Charles Muecke
Latest entry:To day is the Lords Day.
Early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus. He called out to them, 'Friends, haven't you any fish?' 'No,' they answered. He said, 'Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.' When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish. Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, 'It is the Lord!' As soon as Simon Peter heard him say, 'It is the Lord,' he wrapped his outer garment around him (f... View this Fotopage entry
Foto Cats
Latest entry:The Coffee Cats We have four cats, all from the same litter, and we named them for their color pattern: Cream, Mocha, Capuccino, and Latte. Three boys and a girl. They are very close to each other and always play and sleep together. Can you tell who is who? They like certain movies, like Star Wars: View this Fotopage entry
Foto Dogs
Latest entry:MY DOG "UNCLE PEPPER"
"Uncle Pepper" has been with me for the past 7 years now, I got him when he was a little puppy. His brother, Max lives with my cousin in the far end of town. Both Max and Uncle Pepper were never really in good terms, probably because Max is white. Yes, Max was born white yet he is not albino i.e. he doesn't have pink nose. Anyway, Uncle Pepper is a very gentle friend in many ways, he is gentle the the little ones, Sugar, Ginger and Brandy (shih tzus). I will feature the in future postings. Uncle Pepper ... View this Fotopage entry
Virginia Feekes
Latest entry:Yellow.....
:-D :-D :-D View this Fotopage entry
Sonia Grace
Latest entry:pink
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Maryam Rafia
Photo by: Kaveh HendiZadeh Original Location: View this Fotopage entry
Michele Michele
Latest entry:Real gold / L'oro vero
Real gold is a renewable natural resource... Hi everybody, sorry for the delay... 8-) ;-) L'oro vero è una risorsa naturale rinnovabile... ciao a tutti, scusate il ritardo... 8-) ;-) View this Fotopage entry
Humpty Dumpty
Latest entry:I've moved...
I have moved from here to Please make sure to drop by... View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Samara Sunsets - (The Boys of Summer Lyrics - Don Henley)
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naomi dreamer
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Zulu Pictures
Was taken last November 2004 - London View this Fotopage entry
Millenium Wheel
everybody antistresspoweet
Latest entry:0 moon
aan de volle maan zal het ni liggeö sikkeltje) View this Fotopage entry
View this Fotopage latest entry
Teddy ONeill
When it's your day off and it's cold outside, what does a geek do? Why...reinstall windows of course!!! View this Fotopage entry
A clean slate!
Dragan Popovic
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moko chan
Latest entry:tell me
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Liz in Tokyo
Latest entry:Snow!
There was a big snowfall (for Tokyo) today. I got a few pics with my cell phone camera. View this Fotopage entry
Roman Logman
Latest entry:Winter visitor
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Dragan Popovic
Latest entry:Grza - Serbia
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Lukasz Brzenczek
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Behzad Rahmati
Latest entry:News
NEWS My new photoBLOG is if anyone want to see my new photos go there..Thankx! View this Fotopage entry
Blue January
Latest entry:My X'mas in Beijing 4
View this Fotopage entry
HERZOG FALECEU... HOJE, DIA 12 DE JANEIRO DE 2005, PELAS 00:00 HORAS. HERZOG DIED TODAY... Requiem For a Dream (Roubado de ) View this Fotopage entry
Claude Rayon
Hello, J'ai été tenu un peu éloigné de fotopages mais je vais bientôt revenir avec du nouveau matériel. Bonne année à vous toutes et tous ami(e)s photographes et à l'équipe de fotopages. Non sansz avoir une pensée pour les victimes du terrible drame en Asie du Sud-Est. Happy new year to the crew and all the friends of fotopages. I wish you greats shots in 2005. But, in this end of 2004 dont forget the victims in Asia. Bye bye Claude. View this Fotopage entry
Bonne année
fedora is a girl
Latest entry:Market day
These pictures were taken at the wet market in my sleepy coastal hometown, Kuala Terengganu. The sight and smells (fresh fish, wet veggies and unfortunately clogged drains) reminded me of childhood days, when I frequented the market accompanying my mother on her weekly grocery excursions. Little has changed since those days. View this Fotopage entry
Customers at the 'pasar'
Sara Davis
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Don in Canada
Latest entry:Wild beast
I think of Steve everytime I see one of these. View this Fotopage entry
Orange Monkey
Latest entry:Look At Me, Pinky - You'll See What I Can Be
I continued on trying out new bodies (remember - I went away with Al, my alien friend. On his planet, they can change themselves into anything, anyone.), trying to be the perfect something for my dear :angel_fly: I tried out Megatron, but Al didn't think Pinky would like playing with all those parts. :-D So next I tried the thug in #2. I thought that way Pinky would never forget who's in charge. But Al said it's imperative to let girls think they're the ones... View this Fotopage entry
Keyvan Nayyeri
Latest entry:Migration
Unfortunately FotoPages.Com hasn't good speed and I'm so busy in second half of the year. So I must migrate from FotoPages to another place for these 6 months. So I won't send any entry for about 6 month here. But some of you knew that I started new account in another website.(See here)) So they can find me there! I'll view your FotoPages in this while and send my comments. Anyway I'll back in the future. My suggestion for FotoPages Admins is that they redesi... View this Fotopage entry
j v
Latest entry:Happy Garaje, our little studio View this Fotopage entry
Trey Kendrick
Latest entry:Nashville, TN - Centennial Park - Sept 26
View this Fotopage entry
Bells #6
nie bo tak
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martijn fotopages
View this Fotopage latest entry
Nell Fox
TO EVERYONE WHO READ THE ARTICLE IN THE DAILY MAIL ENTITLED "A MOST BRAZEN MISTRESS" I would like you to know that Natasha Pearlman's article was about 75% fiction. The interview I gave bore absolutely no resemblance to the published article and there is nothing I can do about it. I can only tell you that the press are a bunch of complete bastards who make it up as they go along ... yes, even the apparently respectable Daily Mail. I will never believe anything I read in the papers ever again. Oh... View this Fotopage entry
Me again...
Mus E S
Apologies for the lack of updates once again everyone but I've been busy with preparations for the new semester starting next week.......yep I'm finally going back to school after 3 months of vegetating at home :-D Realised I haven't updated my page in eons and just remembered that I have shots taken from the International Motorshow taken a month back....... View this Fotopage entry
Nadia Velez
Latest entry:oh
I added some thing here! but after I send to ask for my password buahaha a kiss all X 8-) View this Fotopage entry
El día estaba gris
Luar de areia
Latest entry:E viva o luxo!
Uns com tanto e outros com tão pouco.. View this Fotopage entry
Peter Zinn
Latest entry:Doors Open
Next weekend is the annual Open) weekend in Toronto. Too bad I will miss it, as I will be in New Haven at that time. To give you an impression I have to revert to some pictures I took last year. View this Fotopage entry
Old City Hall from the top of the Canada Life building
Jolliffes Outback
Latest entry:In Rememberance...
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the billies
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Shamsul Alam
View this Fotopage latest entry
Glitter Girl
Please visit my new blog for the latest work View this Fotopage entry
Jon Widdess
Latest entry:A new member of the family...
Please help us welcome our new kitten Pippin. He's a fun mix of the timid and the curious and he's settling in really well. View this Fotopage entry
mk one visual perfume for men and women
Latest entry:inside the train...
...flying by... View this Fotopage entry
... a ?!? thing
Karen AKA Kajikit
Latest entry:Back to my USA scrapbook
Chicago this time... We were only there for a day and it POURED RAIN! So I couldn't take much in the way of photos, but I bought postcards instead... Left Side:In the morning we ventured forth in search of the Sears Tower and it's 110 storey view. We didn't actually get there because we got lost. But we were astounded to discover that less than a block from our dingy hotel was a bright and bustling metropolis and the Golden Mile - swishest shopping street in Chicago. Alas the weather was not ou... View this Fotopage entry
the first booklet page (I didn't scan all the of them)
Latest entry:Bridge over troubled water
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velma quixotic
Latest entry:Sculpt II
Your constant encouragement and comments (even those that leave me scratching my head) keep my amateurish attempts going. Thank you, one and all. View this Fotopage entry
Delete Profile
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Matt Richardson
Latest entry:Visit View this Fotopage entry

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Leslie Taylor
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magoo magoo
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Noor Naime
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John Penn
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aba acca
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